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Michael Veney

Center Supervisor

Michael Veney is the Center Supervisor at the Business Interface office in Folsom. Mr. Veney is the eldest of four and has attended 2 colleges: Tiffin University and ITT-Technical Institute. From the age of 11, Mr. Veney grew up in the foster care system. Through phone calls and supervised visits, he was still able to have a relationship with his biological parents. They constantly encouraged him to follow his heart, but to also be conscientious of the world and how it evolved. He always had a knack for technology, and those in his life encouraged him to pursue that God-given talent.


He graduated from John Bartram high school in 2008 and took a much-needed gap year to figure out which American Dream he wanted to achieve. There was the opportunity to go through higher education and find employment at a business he could believe in, but there was also the possibility of starting his own business. He decided to begin his new journey by attending Tiffin University where he earned a degree in business management.


Mr. Veney then went to continue his education at ITT-Technical Institute where he earned a degree in computer drafting and design with a minor in computer engineering. While studying there, he endured many hardships: a home break-in, unemployment, and family emergencies. These obstacles left Mr. Veney feeling defeated and lost. He then went to have a movie night with his late aunt, and his perspective changed. They watched "Powder" together and he found a new way to look at his life and the difficulties he faced. His aunt encouraged him further and emphasized the importance of a positive attitude: "Always think and believe positively. No matter how difficult life can be, remain positive."


Shortly after this shift and her passing, Mr. Veney went through some positive changes. He became employed by Woods Services as a residential counselor, and within the year, he was promoted to program supervisor. He was the youngest person to obtain and thrive in that position. Mr. Veney stayed employed at Woods Services for five years before he had to move to Collegeville to be the primary caregiver of a family member. It was during this period that Mr. Veney started his own residential cleaning company and a clothing line.


Mr. Veney believes in being resilient. Everyone goes through challenges, and we are all given the option to allow it to make us or break us. One thing his father told him was "to use what you learn. Whatever you want to be in life, be great at it." That is how Mr. Veney chooses to live his life: righteous and positive.

Michael Veney
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