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Tiffaney Hickman

Center Supervisor

Tiffaney Hickman has over 15 years of experience in banking, corporate, nonprofit, and education spanning across the Delaware and DC regions.

She has worked at Business Interface for several years and has been instrumental in assisting participants in their career development as a Business Resource Consultant. Ms. Hickman has built strategic relationships with dozens of employers across the region. As Center Supervisor, Ms. Hickman is dedicated to seeing everyone succeed and she will go above and beyond for the participants to ensure their success with the program. Her desire to help people motivates her each day.

Ms. Hickman graduated from the University of Delaware in 2007 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Leadership and earned a Master’s Degree in Human Resources Management from Wilmington University in 2011. In her free time, Ms. Hickman loves to read, cook, listen to music, and sing karaoke.

Tiffaney Hickman
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