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About the Company

Since its inception, the business-focused personality of Business Interface has been evident in its leadership, management, and organizational development. Founded in 2006, the company was established to continue the work of the Welfare to Work Partnership, a national advocacy organization whose purpose was to mobilize the business community in support of hiring individuals transitioning off public assistance. As a direct services organization, Business Interface focuses on implementing a demand-side employment model designed to link underserved populations to employers in need of well-prepared and willing labor.

Business Conference

Our philosophy is built on the premise of helping people move from a life of dependency to one that is self-sustainable.

Client self-sufficiency is achieved through our signature employability assessments, training, coaching, job placement assistance, and case management/retention services. Our employment model has proven to address employers' resistance about hiring underserved populations including ex-offenders, youth at risk of court involvement, transitioning welfare recipients, and other populations with significant barriers to employment. 

Our Impact

Disadvantaged Americans are connected to high-demand jobs paying family-sustaining wages and benefits.

Employer partners experience lower turnover rates and higher productivity from our clients. 

Communities benefit from the disposable income generated by our placement activity. With more disposable income, consumer spending is strengthening the local economy.

Our clients become taxpayers no longer tax users.

Our Culture

To honor God in all we do
To help people develop
To pursue excellence
To grow profitably

Servant leadership is at the core of our company culture. It is an approach that conceptualizes the act of servitude in all aspects of business operations. Key principles emphasize altruism, collaboration, trust, empathy, and the ethical use of power. Because our leadership is Christian-centered, we believe that this focus helps to enhance the growth of individuals in the organization, promotes teamwork and personal involvement. If we want our business’ culture to represent the values of the teaching of Christ—it’s up to all of us!

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