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Business Interface continues the legacy of the Welfare to Work Partnership (The Partnership) founded by President Bill Clinton and supported by President George W. Bush. The Partnership began with five companies- Burger King, Monsanto, Sprint, United Airlines, and UPS – that recognized a need for the private sector to take the lead in the new mandates of 1996’s Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act  (Welfare Reform Law).

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Through research, community collaborations, and employer engagement, the organization provided innovative workforce solutions for U.S. companies of all sizes and industries to successfully hire, retain, and promote welfare recipients and other unemployed and low-income workers. The national initiative recruited more than 20,000 committed businesses including 65 of the Fortune 100. Leading many of the initiatives that resulted in employer engagement, Mr. Carroll served as an executive on loan from 1998 until 2006, when Business Interface was formed. Business Interface’s employment model evolved out of research conducted by The Partnership on best practices and workforce solutions for employing the economically disabled. To learn more contact us.

Our work is not done until poverty…ceases to exist. One person at a time we can and must uplift the unacceptable condition of our nation.

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