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What a staffing agency is,

and how it can improve your hiring and retention.

What is a staffing agency?

A staffing agency is a business that works to fulfill the employment needs of other companies. Companies hire staffing agencies to outsource their recruitment, placement, and retention services. Staffing agencies keep their labor pools updated and trained to stay ready to meet your staffing needs. There are different advantages to using a staffing agency to fill your company’s vacancies.

Why work with a staffing agency?

1. Reduce hiring costs

The hiring process is time-consuming and expensive. Your marketing team needs to advertise the open position(s). Human resources and management must interview, screen, train, and onboard new employees. During the vacancy, there might be more strain on your team to complete the necessary work. Each of these aspects puts both seen and unseen strain and costs on your company and employees. Staffing agencies also absorb expenses incurred from severance or unemployment. They are the primary employer, so if a new hire does not work out, it is the financial responsibility of the staffing agency. Reduce overhead expenses and hire with confidence; work with a staffing agency.

2. Fill job positions faster

Added hiring costs can accumulate from the length of time a job position is open. While there is a vacancy, you must reallocate work and resources to fill the gap. You may end up overwhelming and overworking your current employees. This can lead to burnout and diminished returns in staff morale and output. Since staffing agencies are always recruiting, they always have candidates ready to work. Working with a staffing agency fills positions faster, saving your team's valuable time. Employees can better support a healthy work-life balance when you are fully staffed.

3. Streamline your hiring process

Hiring involves a lot of moving parts. There are multiple steps and staff involved in the process. Staffing agencies take over that process. They take the load off your management and human resources department. Depending on the agency and services you choose, the only decision you make is the final hiring call. By outsourcing hiring, you free up your staff to reinvest in your company.

4. Free up internal resources

Now that you have streamlined your hiring, you have freed up resources and staff availability. Human resources and management are now able to reinvest in your company in ways they could not previously. By taking the mental and financial load of hiring from your team, they can focus on improving office life and culture.

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5. Improve retention

Staffing agencies can fill vacancies in diverse ways. The service you go with depends on your company’s needs. There are contract staffing, contract-to-hire, and direct hire services.

Contract staffing is helpful during busy seasons or to support a large project. Contract hires allow you to maintain staffing levels while reducing human capital costs. You can employ people for a while and let them go once your company’s need is fulfilled.

Contact-to-hire is useful to evaluate a candidate before hiring them. You can fill a permanent position while ensuring the candidate fits in well with your workplace setting. The staffing agency works as a liaison between employees and the company during a probationary period. While the candidate works at your company, they are still employed by the staffing agency. This way, if either decides that it is not a good fit, the company will not be majorly affected by the decision to move in a different direction.


Direct hire services take over the full cycle of recruitment for your company. The staffing agency will develop and market a job description, interview and screen candidates, and present job offers. They will collaborate with your company as a human resources department. Your company will always get the last say on who is hired while the staffing agency does all the legwork.

These services work to remove the pressure of retention. The employee is under contract with the staffing agency for a testing period before they are hired and onboarded to the company. You can hire with confidence knowing the employee you choose is the right decision. And if they are not a good fit, it will not affect your retention.

6. Expand your talent pool

Sometimes, it can feel like there is no one left in the workforce. Working with a staffing agency can help you expand your talent pool in ways you may not have considered. Staffing agencies specialize in searching for candidates that are often overlooked by traditional hiring methods. You can find and hire new talent by working with a staffing agency.

Why should you work with Business Interface Workforce Services?

Business Interface Workforce Services breaks down barriers and builds up the workforce by searching for top talent in underserved populations. We recruit and support willing candidates through our workforce development training program. Our students learn customer service, soft skills, office etiquette, and much more. Our career counseling services match our students with the best jobs according to their aspirations and skill set. We make sure to follow our graduates in their new positions and continue to encourage them in their work. Business Interface Workforce Services is the best staffing agency to fulfill your employment needs.

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