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Latricia Vicks

Compliance Manager

Latricia Vicks is the Compliance Manager at Business Interface. Ms. Vicks has over twenty years of professional experience. Her background includes a career as an engineer in telecommunications, entrepreneurship, project and retail management, and customer service experience. Before becoming a successful bakery owner, Mrs. Vicks spent years in the corporate world. As a business owner, she was featured on television, radio, and in local & national magazines. Mrs. Vicks has also contributed to the Delaware Business Times as a guest columnist.

Mrs. Vicks graduated summa cum laude from Wilmington University with a degree in communication with a focus in integrated marketing. She is a member of Lambda Pi Eta, the National Communication Association Honor Society, and Epsilon Pi Tau, the International Honor Society for Professions in Technology. In addition, she is a board member of several organizations, including Early College School at Delaware State University.

Mrs. Vicks also serves as an ordained minister at her church, I.B.O.Y.D., in Felton, DE. She works closely with the youth and young women in her church to provide mentoring, training, and upliftment through sharing her story of overcoming. She has a special knack for connecting with others, no matter who they are or where they are from. This gift allows her to provide the missing piece that those experiencing hopelessness, despair, or discouragement need to see the value in their lives and their purpose.

In her free time, Mrs. Vicks enjoys spending time with her family. Family is a critical element in her life, and she credits being a mom of ten and grandmother of three with much of her adult growth and development. Mrs. Vicks has a passion for home décor that transitioned into her serving as an event planner for family and friends, making their dream celebrations into a reality. A fun fact about Mrs. Vicks is that she loves shoes and is the proud owner of over 200 pairs of stiletto heels.

Latricia Vicks
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