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Michael Mailey

Center Leader

Michael Mailey is the Center Leader for the Business Interface Office in Dover, DE. Mr. Mailey joined Business Interface with over 13 years of experience in risk analysis, customer support, and organizational development. He describes himself as a "born leader," often finding innovative ways to communicate with others to achieve common goals.

Mr. Mailey chose to work with Business Interface because he values the company's genuine emphasis on compassion and uplifting those in need. He comes from a close-knit family with a "it takes a village" mindset, which means he is willing to step into unfamiliar situations and learn how to help. He leads with a people-first mindset, using his risk analysis skills and personal experiences to offer support across all aspects of the center and to assist clients as needed.

In his free time, Mr. Mailey enjoys photography and graphic design. He often spends his free time with family or exploring random locations, drawn by their visual appeal.

Mr. Mailey holds a bachelor's degree in computer science from Delaware State University.

Michael Mailey
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