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Sharisse Austin

Center Supervisor

Sharisse Austin is the Center Supervisor at the Business Interface office in Upper Darby. Ms. Austin comes to Business Interface with 25+ years of experience in business managment, organization, business administration, and customer support. Mrs. Austin has founded and supported the growth of several small businesses and organizations. She has worked in an executive role in Fortune 500 Companies, and she has provided customer service support to start-up non-profit agencies. She has always valued her role in any company as a team leader; however, now she holds herself to the standard that, "one should always work in their passion."

Mrs. Austin has chosen to work with Business Interface because she believes in the mission of the company. She has a large, blended family, which motivated her to take a "collective" approach to her work. She believes that providing a direct service is the best way to invest in others and holistically provide for her community. Assisting others achieve their dreams and realize their visions for the future fulfills Mrs. Austin's life purpose and passion. She uses her extensive life experiences and vast professional knowledge to bring a relatable perspective to the clients she serves while keeping a high-level expectation.

In her free time, Mrs. Austin enjoys traveling and experiencing different cultures. She is a civil and social rights activist and performs spoken word both nationally and internationally. She has a liberal arts degree from Philadelphia Community College of Philadelphia and is in pursuit of her bachelor's degree in business management and administration from Southern New Hampshire University.

Sharisse Austin
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